Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Photos by Charles Ford. Used here with his permission.

Readers of Portuguese and others who don’t mind Babel Fishing will find nourishment in Apagão na cultura, a 2002 telephone interview of Jacques Barzun by Carlos Graieb that appeared in the Brazilian magazine Veja along with Um século de sabedoria. The photos were taken for a Texas Monthly (September 2000) article by Anne Dingus in which Professor Barzun is called “arguably the country’s leading intellectual and the smartest guy in Texas” and is quoted as saying, “The people [of Texas] are extremely friendly and extremely polite. Perhaps not on the road, but with both feet on the ground, they display a courtesy we don’t expect any more.“

Mr. Ford wrote to me in an e-mail: “The shots were done originally for Texas Monthly Magazine in 2000. I can’t remember any specific conversation I had with Jacques but I recall that we were talking about the changes in the world and the new millennium. We also talked a little about about the artists in Paris before WWI, particularly Duchamp who I have always been fascinated with. Other than that he was very patient and cooperative during the shoot. His wife was gracious, offering us snacks. He lived in an upscale home in a very nice suburban area of San Antonio. Other than that all I can say is that he was a very nice man.”

Thanks to A Origem das Espécies and Pastoral Portuguesa.