Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gordon Rumson


I am planning an event here in Calgary (where?), Alberta for November 30 to mark Dr. Barzun's birthday.

It will be a musical event, with some readings (still to be selected -- and approved for permission) from Dr. Barzun's writings.

Here is some of the repertoire that will be performed:

Overture from "Escape to Egypt" by H. Berlioz transcribed by Balakierv

The complete Piano Music of Hector Berlioz (Rustic Serenade, Hymne and Toccata)

4 Studies from a 20th century Music Diary by Ronald Stevenson (On BACH, on the 12-note series in Mozart's Don Giovanni, On "Evocation" from Berlioz Faust, On the Introduction to Busoni's Arlechinno).

Fantasy (1994) by Rumson, which is dedicated to Dr. Barzun.

"Forbearance" after Emerson by Wallace DePue.

This last will be sung by Caroline Horne, mezzo.

Other musical selections may be added as I have hope to arrange a flautist to perform. It occurs to me that a work by Telemann might be very much appreciated. But I don't know what Dr. Barzun thinks of Telemann! Any comments welcome on that score.

Also, if anyone might suggest another work, or composer that MUST be represented, I'd appreciate the advice. I thought of Harry Partch, but I don't have those musical instruments.

All best wishes,

Gordon Rumson
pianist, composer
July 14, 2007

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