Friday, March 09, 2007

John Lukacs

Of John Lukacs’s book Democracy and Populism, Jacques Barzun wrote:

In taking up Tocqueville’s theme, Democracy in America, our most perceptive and far-ranging historian corrects many misconceptions about the recent past and deals commandingly with this country’s zeal to implant our blend of freedoms abroad. He will arouse thought as he always does and stir the emotions more than usual.

Of the collection, Remembered Past: John Lukacs on History, Historians, and Historical Knowlege, Mr. Barzun wrote:

It was about time that a John Lukacs Reader should be brought out, to show the public the range and depth of this great living historian’s contribution to knowledge, his importance as a thinker, and attractiveness as a narrator of events. The editors’ generous selection of types of work and subjects warrants changing Reader to Treasury.