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Jacques Barzun was born in Créteil, France, on 30 November 1907.

Photo of l'Abbaye group
Le groupe de l'Abbaye de Créteil: 1er plan: Charles Vildrac, René Arcos, Albert Gleizes, Henri Martin Barzun, Alexandre Mercereau 2ème plan: Georges Duhamel, Berthold Mahn, Jacques d’Otémar
(photo DARNAC, Paris)
From: Albert Gleizes at Les Amis de Jean Chevalier

H. M. Barzun by Berthold Mahn
Henri Martin Barzun by Berthold Mahn (1906)
From: Henri-Martin Barzun (1881- ?) in Les Amis de Georges Duhamel et de l’Abbaye de Créteil. H. M. Barzun’s dates are Feb. 25, 1881 – July 12, 1972.

Jacques Barzun sitting in front of Gleizes portrait of Madame H. M. Barzun
Jacques Barzun (ca. 2000) and a portrait of his mother
Photograph by Darwin Weigel

Behind Mr. Barzun is a portrait of Madame H. M. Barzun by Albert Gleizes (1911). According to Daniel Robbins, Albert Gleizes, 1881–1953, A Retrospective Exhibition (Guggenheim Museum, 1964), “Begun in the spring, this portrait was never finished, for after the summer Gleizes realized that his intervening stylistic development made it impossible to complete the portrait in a homogeneous style.”

Mr. Barzun has donated this painting to the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.

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