Monday, September 25, 2006

Some Favorite Quotations, selected by Jacques Barzun

When Gemini Ink decided to award Jacques Barzun its Lifetime Achievement Award, it asked Mr. Barzun for cherished quotations that could be printed for the INKstravaganza Gala at which the award was presented. Five quotations — from Pascal, William James, Jacob Burckhardt, Montaigne , and one L. O. McDuff — were printed in an edition of 70 on a Vandercook letterpress at the School by the River Press, Southwest School of Art & Craft, San Antonio, Texas. The design, typesetting, and printing were by Rose Harms; the paper was made by Beck Whitehead. The single sheet (13" x 20") is printed on one side and folded into four pages: the title page, two pages for the quotations, and a last page that has a colophon and this quotation from Mr. Barzun regarding the quotations: “. . . together they seem to me pretty well to sum up my choice of work and my tastes in life.” Based on the copy I have, I would say that all the copies were signed by Mr. Barzun.

WARNING: Some Favorite Quotations contains misquotations.

Copies of Some Favorite Quotations may still be available from Gemini Ink.