Friday, May 26, 2006


There were several New York Times notices of the Zuleika, the Columbia Varsity Show of 1928. This article seems the longest:


Varsity Show Given at Waldorf
Depicts in Operetta Form Revolt
of Turkish Women.

The Columbia Varsity Show, presented for the first time last night at the Waldorf, was received enthusiastically by a large audience. The book of the operetta in two acts entitled “Zuleika,” was written by Jacques Martin Barzun and the music was composed by Donald K. Phillips. Both are students.

Most of the enjoyment of the audience could be traced to the humor of the lines. The dancing of the pony ballet received much applause. The principal parts were played by Henry A. Grant as Zuleika, Phillips as Peter, an attaché of the American legation in Turkey where the play is set, Malcolm McComb as the Grand Vizir, and George Fanning as the Sultana.

The story concerns the love of Peter for Zuleika, which is temporarily broken up by a revolt of the women of Turkey, who cast the leaders of the ruling pary in jail and proceed to run the Empire to suit themselves. Their plans are frustrated, however, and the finale sees Zuleika and Peter reunited.

The lines and music are in the manner of Gilbert and Sullivan, the whole operetta purporting to be a rehearsal of a play by that famous pair, who are portrayed by Edward Mammen and Harold S. Neuberger.

New York Times, March 7, 1928