Thursday, May 18, 2006


[San Antonio, Texas] has one of those fine old hotels, the St. Anthony (now being renovated, but , I hope, not modernized), where one feels peaceably indoors rather than nervously exhibited through glass and metal frames.
— Jacques Barzun, “A Critic Casts a Kindly Eye on Texas”, New York Times, October 31, 1982

Mr. Barzun’s article includes this passage:

I remember sharing a platform with Malcolm Muggeridge at the University of Dallas, where the chairman remarked in his introduction that he was glad to have us there on the date of Texas Independence. Muggeridge exclaimed that he did not know Texas was independent. If he had stayed a little longer he would have known.

Edward A. Cowan writes:

I attended the University of Dallas conference at which Jacques Barzun spoke. In addition to Barzun, we heard Malcolm Muggeridge, Marshall McLuhan, Hans Georg Gadamer, and others. — E.A.C.